JoAnna Jordan was born in August 1976 in Logan, Utah. During childhood, her family often moved which JoAnna attributes to her “gypsy soul”. Her mother spent many early hours during JoAnna’s childhood teaching her to read and spell properly. Due to these exhaustive efforts, books became JoAnna’s first love--largely because she was able to go on adventures without leaving the house. In second grade, JoAnna's father began requiring nightly journal entries with the hope of assisting her with learning struggles that were making academics difficult. The journaling not only helped JoAnna overcome the challenges but took root and have been vital in her journey towards authorship.


Early adulthood included mothering four sons, military service in the United States Army and completion of her Bachelors of Science degree in History from Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Following college, JoAnna was introduced to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, peaking her interest in writing and influencing her writing style.  


In 2010, JoAnna moved to Houston, Texas. Shortly after the move, she entered public education as a Social Studies teacher at a local high school. As writing continued, JoAnna realized that her main project was not one novel but a trilogy. Upon careful restructuring, her debut novel Flowers In Winter will be published in 2017. 




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