Author’s Corner: Buddy Highlights

It pains me that I didn’t get a blog written this week but I’m working on a doozy for Monday so not all is lost. Still, I wanted to post something for you wonderful people who consistently support my written ramblings. So, I got to thinking and decided that bragging on my buddies was a delightful alternative!


I’m privileged to know and work with several authors who are in various stages of their writing careers. Learning from them has been a wonderful experience. They are kind and conscientious, funny and articulate, and they are honest–this is one of the greatest treasures within our community. Writing exposes the creative soul of the author. It’s a labor of love while riddled with vulnerability and anxiety. Having a fellowship of kinsmen and women to share the road is priceless.


With this in mind, I’m sharing links to the most recent works of a few who have dared to share their souls with the world and their expertise with me. Remember, you can’t give an author anything more valuable than a review on their work–we live for it!


Happy Reading-


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