Remember Who You Are

Whoa! I wrote a back-to-school blog which was thwarted by a hurricane. Let’s be real, nothing about the last few weeks has been normal. I looked through my camera roll and just shook my head, full of expectations and excitement one day to knee deep wreckage the next. It’s staggering and still, I have seen the grace of the heavens and the best of humanity as creed and color washed away.


The Disney soundtrack, Moana has rolled through my playlist more than once since the recovery process began. It inspires me, especially the Know Who You Are reprise.

Ou mata e matagi
I have crossed the horizon to find you
Ou loto mamaina toa
I know your name
Manatu atu
They have stolen the heart from inside you
Taku pelepele
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

Songwriters: Lin-Manuel Miranda / Mark A. Mancina / Opetaia Tavita Foa’i

Know Who You Are lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company


How many times in life are we challenged? At times do we slump, feeling that our present circumstance is too tough? Or, maybe our character is in question? Do we need more or less of something or someone? Life is sometimes a traffic jam or even a hurricane, there is little we can do about external circumstances. Our power remains in simply how we deal with whatever befalls us. We get to decide whether to listen to our guiding voice who whispers, “You know who you are.



In no way have I mastered the inner calm required to quiet the storm. More often than not I try to wrestle the wind. Any guesses on who wins that tug-o-war? I’ve also settled for self-chastisement or an array of pity-parties. These choices never provide the solution. Sometimes the only real solution is to put on your boots and get to mucking. Other times you need to quietly consider a list of options, rally support, cry-out your emotions and then push up your sleeves. The key is to be steady, to take that deep internal breath and look for something greater than yourself, we are members of a 7+billion person family, we do not walk alone.


I didn’t want to write a ‘hurricane’ piece. Instead, I wanted to share with you what I’ve seen play out again and again as real-life humans have dealt with real-life problems and loss. I wanted to write in the solution, acknowledging the vulnerability that morality yields and yet expressing that this is what anchors us together.


To those who are suffering across our country and our globe, my heart is with you. Remember your worth, remember who you are

You all remain in my heart and prayers-

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