Labors of Love

sunset-174276_1280The sun has long since set on this American Labor Day. Many spent the day relaxing and enjoying the much needed time away from the daily grind. As for me, I mowed the lawn, cleaned the bathrooms, did some cooking, graded papers and am winding down with some Instagram and blogging. My thoughts are simple, productivity is good for the soul!


Throughout the day I contemplated what I’d write for you this month, I even considered a short synopsis of what Labor day means but the teacher in me said ‘no’; I’m saving that lesson for my students and will spare my readership the lecture. Instead, I┬ádecided to share something that has personally been a labor of love in my life and has humbled me deeply over the past few weeks.


Since childhood, I’ve been told to pray. I use my words wisely here, I can’t say I was “taught” to pray but rather “told” to do it. I even get dreamy at times, wondering what it would have been like to kneel with a parent next to my bed as they lovingly guided me in communion with my God. The dream bursts all too easily and the 40-something woman finds herself back in reality. Lingering on the past does little for my present and I have to admit, rarely did I pray one-on-one with my own children.


Keeping that in mind, I decided a few weeks ago to get on my knees, once in the morning and once in the evening to bow myself in prayer. Why now? I don’t really know. I’ve always prayed but it ‘s usually while driving, in the midst of crisis, or mainly when it was convenient. Still, I decided this was something I would do, just to try it out and see if anything would come of it.


Blubbering…lots and lots of blubbering is what came of it! At least the first few times…now a Kleenex box graces my nightstand as I bend the knee, morning and night.


Three weeks have passed, the blubbering has ceased (for the most part), and I feel stronger than ever I have before. I feel that He is there–listening, laughing at me for sure, and lovingly guiding me as I roll out my life in the tiniest┬ádetail. What started out as an idea, a “labor” from me and for Him has reversed itself. He labors in love for me, He is the parent at the bedside, teaching and loving as I wrestle with all the demands of modern living.


How marvelous it is that His presence was immediate! I wasn’t left to hope or wonder. He is always there, readily available, if we but ask. There is something spectacular that occurs when I approach Him on bended knee, I can’t even find words for it but felt that I should share. His labor of love is all inclusive, I urge you to try it for yourself, reach out to the God of your understanding and allow Him to love you in His infinite goodness.

Woman at the well


Have a blessed month & happy start to autumn!

-J.M. Jordan

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