Shining in the Spotlight Is…

This word keeps finding its way into my life so I’ve decided to do something about it! That’s right, I’m giving it center stage this week, the complete spotlight. and define it as “the state of being close to another person or other people”. I can buy that, it’s what I think of when I hear it used in conversation. Still, since it has popped up so frequently I wanted to take a deeper look.


Warm fellowship, as among members of a family” ( or “the pleasant feeling of being united with other people in friendship and understanding” (


Ahh, there it is. I’m on to something now!


Then there’s this, “the state or quality of being together (uncountable). And the result or product of being together (countable)” (


Those words in purple, that’s why this word has been speaking to me lately.


art-sisterhoodI attend a Tuesday night meeting each week with some lovely women who have taught me the meaning of togetherness. I’ll be honest, Tuesday usually can’t get here fast enough as I crave our “warm fellowship” throughout the week. During class we focus on healing the brokenness found inside each of us. Sometimes our conversations are deep and challenging while other times we laugh until our sides hurt. When I first started attending I was angry, defensive and only showed up because it was my last ditch effort at fixing what ailed me. Now, a year later I simply can’t imagine not having these women in my life. Our bond of sisterhood is strong and though we only spend a short time together during the week our togetherness is carried with me wherever I go.


togethernesspoohLikewise, the love and commitment I have for my husband and children is easily encompassed within the word togetherness. We have a non-traditional family life, three of our four children live away from home. Still, our hearts are knit to one another as we take full advantage of technology, checking in and bridging the miles between us.


My morning commute used to involve handing out breakfast to little hands at red lights, hoping everyone was still relatively clean when we arrived at school. Now I drive to work in solitude, praying over my guys and their well-being, asking God to guide their choices and keep them safe as they navigate the responsibilities pressed upon them. I’ve often told them that they’ll always be in my heart; living that sentiment has given us a quality of love that cannot be diminished even when we’re miles apart.


With this in mind, who do you have togetherness with and how do you cultivate it? Is there someone you know who needs warm fellowship or a sense of being united, included or loved?


This week I hope you’ll strive to strengthen bonds that already exist in your life or better yet, dare to make new ones with someone who may need what you have to offer. Also, I’d love for you to share your thoughts about togetherness and how you make it work in your life in the comment section below. And remember…





3 Comments on “Shining in the Spotlight Is…

  1. Such a universal subject ‘togetherness’ that once experienced changes our outlook. That we me always be seeking, receiving, giving or mutually experiencing togetherness !

  2. Thank you, Yvonne. Yes, I agree that togetherness is a universal subject. It has layers and shapes us into a more compassionate whole. 🙂 Love your insight!

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