In The Name of Love

It strikes me this year as the season of love is upon us, that I am “in love” and blessed with much. To honor all the people, things and experiences in my life, I’d like to take a moment and pay them tribute.


I love a clear sunrise.
I love seeing the grass start to turn green as winter fades.
I love the laughter of my children.
I love making sweet treats and seeing other people enjoy them.
I love feeling my muscles move and stretch.
I love bottles of water.

I love the feeling of clean teeth after I’ve visited the dentist.

smilingI love seeing people smile.
I love flowers of every variety.
I love crisp mountain air.
I love allergy medicine which allows me to enjoy the outdoors.
I love driving fast.
I love music of most genres.
I love watching people learn.

I love a good meal. I love traveling. I love whales.

mother of pearlI love mother of pearl.
I love positive and uplifting Facebook memes.
I love hot sand between my toes and the spray of ocean surf.
I love roller coasters.
I love learning new words.
I love hugs.
I love the courage of my oldest son, Skye.
I love campfires and marshmallows.
I love autumn days with pumpkin pie and apple cider.
I love hay rides.

I love the friends who take your drama and love you anyways.

I love writing.
I love giving compliments.
I love receiving compliments.
I love the color blue.
I love my tattoos.

I love bridges.bridges
I love the two weeks of Secret Santa at work.

I love the compassion and happiness that my second son, Kyle, has for everyone he meets.


I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
I love curly hair.
I love turtles.
I love a good story, books, book stores, anything and all things literature related.

I love colleagues and students who make me laugh, keep me going and force me to stretch outside my comfort zone.
I love a hot shower.

hot cocoa

I love a good snuggle blanket.
I love coffee mugs.
I love hot cocoa.
I love all kinds of socks.
I love sweaters and shawls…even in Texas (that’s what a/c is for).
I love air conditioning (that needs to be on here twice).
I love my iPhone.
I love the tenacity and determination of my third son, Riley.
I love photo albums.

I love cookbooks with good pictures.
I love horses.
I love dragons.
I love driving trucks.
truckI love working hard.
I love the fierceness and spiritual grounding of my youngest son, Ty, he’s truly a Yin and Yang.
I love good manners.
I love snarky rebuttals.

I love my girlfriends who served in the military with me and are still, all these years later, my battle buddies even though we’re spread across the country.
I love that I have accomplished major life goals in the face of adversity.
I love that somehow I’ve mustered the courage to make more goals and keep moving forward.
I love Googling when I have a question.


I love turquoise and silver.
I love diversity.
I love camping.
I love National Parks.
I love my writing groups, critique partners and beta readers for giving me a chance.
I love history.


I love flip flops.
I love swimming.
I love seeing people affectionate with each other.
I love my church family.
I love my bio family.
I love my friends who have become family.
And most importantly…

 I love my God, I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I love that He’s never left me to walk alone.

My list doesn’t end here, these are just a few of the droplets of love that make my heart swell each day. As you go about your busy Valentine Weekend I hope you’ll take a moment to look around and reflect upon all that makes your life a force for good. For some of us this is easier said than done but please try, because you’re worth it!


Happy Valentines 2016!

Your writing friend,

J.M. Jordan

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