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why blog

Hello, thanks for joining me! I really should tell you that I’m super nervous about all this–it’s kind of surreal. I mean think about it, somehow you’ve heard about this blog launch and hopefully my debut novel too. That means you know me as an author but what I really feel like is a little kid walking around in SUPER HUGE shoes. My toes inside those big shoes are wiggling with anticipation as I sit at my desk and click the keyboard in front of me. Let me begin by saying THANK YOU for joining the journey! I’m glad you’re here and as you read through the paragraphs below I hope you decide to join the conversation.


Over the past several weeks I’ve read a ton of blogs, each with their own purpose and style. With tired eyes and a pounding head I started thinking, “What’s the point?”, “Why blog?”, “Who Cares?”. Sure, authors are encouraged to blog but why should I? I’m not exactly a follow the crowd kind of gal. The thought kept bugging me despite my efforts to push it aside. Finally sometime after midnight on a busy weekend the light bulb began to buzz…connections! Well duh, I thought as I hurried to my bedroom grabbing my phone where I keep all my amazing thoughts (don’t laugh too hard) and began to write…


Everyday in my classroom (I’m a teacher by day and author by night) I try to connect, never knowing if a well thought out lesson, snappy retort, or sincere comment will be one that lasts for decades in the memory of a student. To me this is the essence of teaching. It’s a huge responsibility and I worry over it. Was I too sharp here, or didn’t place enough emphasis there? Do my students know I genuinely care about them, as people not just pupils? Everything else is secondary because I genuinely believe that I can’t teach a mind without teaching the heart first (thank you Aristotle for that snippet of keen insight). Though I know I don’t always execute perfectly I do try to give it a perfect effort.


So you might ask, am I writing to teach?


Nope, is my resounding answer!


I write because I like it. I write because creating pleases me-it’s one of my happy places. A release, a learning process, exercise for my brain and simply about testing and trying myself! Stories jumble around in my noggin all the time, some make it to paper, others don’t, but I write like someone else might paint a portrait, run for miles or grow a garden–it’s enjoyable on a deeply personal level and therefore very scary to share it with the world.


Why connections then if writing is about me?


Well, I haven’t been able to get my writing out to the world on my own. It’s taken a lot of convincing from people I trust in order to grasp the courage allowing me to share my stories with all you fine people. Now that I’ve decided to share and play nicely I want to know who you are, I want to connect. After all, I’m like you, I read, I like certain authors and I’d love to be able to pick their brains and know what they think about regular, everyday STUFF! I’m not idealistic, putting people on pedestals and all that jazz but I do like to know what makes people tick.


I’ll admit, I watch for royal babies to be born and enjoy the headlines when I’m standing in line at HEB–so I guess you could say I’m naturally curious or downright nosy. People watching is like a hobby, not bad thoughts just curious–wondering what your story is, why you chose that tattoo or more commonly, how do you get your hair to do that?


Sitting back with these big shoes swinging beneath the desk I begin to think–maybe the better question all along was why NOT blog? I mean, clearly I’m not going to go all nuts and tell you the do’s and don’ts of the writing industry. If you want that look up the pros because I’m a newbie and have a team of people helping me make this happen.


My resolution–this blog is about me connecting with you on a human level. It’s my brain splattering out to the masses via this nice little Chromebook the hubs bought me (he likes to keep me happy).  So no, some ghost writer isn’t plucking out witty and stimulating how-dos and no matter how busy I get, I won’t give up this tiny corner of just being me with you, my audience. It’s 100% authentic (prone to error, don’t expect edited proofreads here) for the simple reason that each of us make this world go round, we’re unique and beautiful in our own rights and getting to know each other is a way to grow and become our best selves.


Now real quickly, the STATUS QUO–I like you, you read my stuff and that’s cool BUT I’m not going to tell you everything about my life. This blog is not meant to be an open book for me and I don’t think it should be for you either. My privacy, the privacy of my family and those close to me are important. What I publish here or in other forums is up for grabs, but beyond that I like to lead a normal and quiet life so I’ll ask you to respect that.


With that proviso in place be certain that as we go along we’ll touch on some heartfelt issues, especially once Flowers In Winter and the sequels are published. Ahh, and there’s the hook. Many of you have asked what Flowers In Winter  is about. Well, it’s about life, or at least the lives of a fictional family who endure tragedy, have to work through grief and decide what they will accept and what they won’t.


Is Flowers In Winter an autobiography? No. Are there threads from my life present? Of course. I don’t think authors write without putting something of themselves in their work–after all, the familiar is easy to work with. However, this is a fictional account, a story that blossomed as I worked it and reworked it. In fact, I once burned the original manuscript and started completely over. I know, dramatic–I tend to be that way on occasion. It was a good thing though, what came out of the ashes was the genesis of what we plan to publish in the Spring of 2016.


It’s with these purposes in mind that the blogs start now, wanting to bring you as readers into the process. Please feel free to share your thoughts when inspired and look for the next blog event to be posted on my Facebook page soon. Again, thanks for joining me as we move this huge project forward!


Wishing you the best–J.M. Jordan




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  1. I’m glad you like the introduction, Riley. It feels like a women’s novel but to be clear, the novel will cover women and men. In fact, many of my beta readers have fussed at me over lableling it “women’s” contemporary fiction because it just isn’t a women’s only book. 🙂

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