Degotoga means "We Stand Together", that's what we do here at Degotoga Writing! We stand with you through the ups and downs of life by giving you a safe place to explore the human experience.

My debut novel, Flowers In Winter, is the first installment of the Bear River Collection which centers around the Cash family, who is recovering from a devastating loss. In this journey, we'll laugh and cry as Sarah searches for truth among turmoil, Aunt Eunice tries to keep everyone in line, and the rest of the family bounce off each other in the grieving process.


Flowers In Winter will be available November 24, 2017.


While waiting for the novels, pop on over to the blog where I share thoughts on events or circumstances surrounding my own life.  Transparency is the goal, as life is too hard for anything else. I hope you'll enjoy the musings. Before I go, let me share with you a quote from a guy that I find to be remarkable.

"The ultimate source of happiness is within us."

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Warm Regards, oie_transparent

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